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Materials Research

Materials research at UChicago cuts across disciplinary boundaries to create new and novel materials. Materials science helps us to understand and create novel properties that emerge from complex chemical systems.



Quantum dots, 2D materials, plasmonics



Synthesis of functional organic materials



Nature's macromolecular assemblies

Quantum Materials

Quantum Materials

Controlling quantum dynamics in materials

Microscopy and Nanoscopy

Microscopy and Nanoscopy

Linking structure to function

Solar Light Harvesting

Solar Light Harvesting

Capturing light to power the planet

Soft Condensed Matter

Soft Condensed Matter

Jamming, sticking, and patterning



Working at the interface between theory and experiment

Materials Faculty

UChicago Material Scientists span disciplinary boundaries sharing ideas across fields

Paul Alivisatos

Nanomaterials, Quantum Dots

Chibueze Amanchukwu

Electrodes, Electrolytes, Batteries

John Anderson

Inorganic Chemistry, Organometallics, Metal-Organic Frameworks

David Awschalom

Quantum Information, Solid State Physics, Spintronics

Juan DePablo

Polymer Dynamics, Glassy Systems, Molecular Engineering

Greg Engel

Ultrafast, Biophysics, Chemical Dynamics

Aaron Esser-Kahn

Polymers, Biomaterials, Immunoengineering

Andrew Ferguson

Computational Modeling, Biomaterials, Machine Learning

Laura Gagliardi

Quantum Chemistry, Multi-reference Transition Metal Chemistry

Giulia Galli

Materials, Electronic Structure, Defect Dynamics

Margaret Gardel

Biophysics, Cytoskeletal Dynamics, Soft Condensed Matter

Supratik Guha

Nanoscale Materials, Energy Conversion, Solid State Physics

Philippe Guyot-Sionnest

Quantum Dots, Solid State Physics, Chemical Physics

Mike Hopkins

Solar Light Harvesting, Charge Separation, Inorganic Chemistry

Jeffrey Hubbell

Polymers, Biomaterials, Immunoengineering

William Irvine

Soft Matter, Chirality, Helicity, Phase Transitions

Heinrich Jaeger

Granular Materials, Soft Condensed Matter

Sarah King

Interfacial Dynamics, 2D Materials, Electrochemical Mechanism

Ka Yee Lee

Membrane Dynamics, Biophysics, Soft Condensed Matter

Wenbin Lin

Biological Materials, Nanomedicine, Metal-organic Frameworks, Nanomaterials

Chong Liu

Electrochemistry, Water Purification, Chemical Engineering

Peter Maurer

Nanoscopy, Quantum Materials, Quantum Sensing, Biological Materials

Sid Nagel

Splashing, Glassy Systems, Soft Condensed Matter

Paul Nealey

Lithography, Nanofabrication, Polymers, and Bio-comaptible materials

Jiwoong Park

2D Materials, Electronic Dynamics, Chemical Physics

Shrayesh Patel

Polymers, Ion Transport, Batteries, Chemical Engineering

Stuart Rice

Quantum Dynamics, Liquids, 2D Materials

Stuart Rowan

Polymers, Organic Chemistry, Biomaterials

Norbert Scherer

Biophysics, Optical Matter, Plasmonics

Elena Shevchenko

Functional Nanoparticles, Inorganic Chemisty, Nanomaterials

Steve Sibener

Surface Science, Chemical Dynamics, Water

Allison Squires

Microscopy, Biological Materials

Dmitri Talapin

Quantum Dots, Inorganic Chemisty, Nanomaterials

Bozhi Tian

Materials Science, Nano-bio Interfaces, Bio-Electronics

Matt Tirrell

Polymer Brushes, Chemical Engineering, Biomolecular Engineering

Vincenzo Vitelli

Theory, Soft Matter, Phase Transitions

Sihong Wang

Polymer Electronics, Biomaterials, Chemical Engineering

Luping Yu

Organic Solar Cells, Polymer Design, Organic Materials

Unified by our desire to create new materials, our faculty work collaboratively across a wide array of scientific disciplines


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